“Looks Good From My House” – Why your lack of integrity makes you a douche

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“Looks good from my house” was an expression from when I was in construction as an eighteen year old kid. Whenever someone fucked up on something inside the walls during framing, this is what people would say before covering it up and moving on. As a teenager, I thought it was kind of funny… but I was a kid. As a thirty-one year old man, I now realize just how big of a douche move this is.

The scary part is that the people who adopt this attitude in life and begin applying it usually have no clue how douchey it is. This is actually one of the prime reasons I stepped away from my corporate real estate career. When theft, cutting corners and a lack of pride in a job well done became the norm, it was time for me to move on.

I’m obviously not going to name names, but a company I worked for recently had an owner who was skimming from his clients. His lack of integrity didn’t really surprise me considering what I knew of his dealings in other parts of his life. What scared me were all of the other employees who turned a blind eye to this shit-ass behavior for fear of losing their jobs.

Rather than maintaining any type of personal integrity, they all just shrugged their shoulders and went along with it.

Da fuck?

I lasted less than a week after I figured out what was going on because I could no longer take pride in a job well done. There was no way in hell I was going to have my name associated with this asshat who was outright stealing from other people. I certainly didn’t want anyone to think I was a giant pussy as well for not saying anything. So… I walked away. Yet, there were employees who had been there for years and refused to stand up or do anything about it. SMH.

When you allow your fear of consequences to outweigh your sense of integrity, you’ve already lost. If that’s the attitude you’re going to have when it comes to problems you see at work, in the community and in life, you forfeit your right to complain when shit doesn’t get any better. You’re no longer a victim but instead a part of the problem. The way to promote legit “change” in the world is by standing up when you see something wrong, consequences be damned.

I wanted to share this experience because I know it’s not one I’m alone in having gone through; we’ve ALL been in a situation where we had to make a choice to speak out against the madness around us or keep our mouths shut.

I’m excited to be back blogging with all of you and I hope you’ll be patient with me as I find my rhythm again. (I haven’t written in ten months or so.)


One thought on ““Looks Good From My House” – Why your lack of integrity makes you a douche

  1. I have had and continue to have similar experiences. I get tired of hearing the same complaints from people who at the same time do nothing to change their circumstances. Either speak up or shut up. We all have a choice. And if you choose not to speak up, then work on removing yourself from the situation. Worse part is when they have an opportunity to speak and they don’t…. Only to continue complaining about it later! It’s come to the point where I just sit there and say nothing. Hoping eventually, like me, they will get tired of hearing themselves complain about the same Crap over and over.

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