Your Dreams Never Sleep: Perseverance is the Key to Success

Your Dreams Never Sleep: Perseverance is the Key to Success

by Author Brenden Dilley


Still Breathin' The Wisdom and Teachings of a Perfectly Flawed Man



I had been working for a property management company as a regional manager. I’d only been there for three months but I was miserable. Simultaneously, my book had been out for four months and the things that my job were asking me to do flew in the face of my own ethics. This “job” was very lucrative and was allowing me to catch up on bills that had lapsed since I decided to publish my first book.


The responsible thing to do was to suck it up, work the job and bring my outstanding debts current. The problem was that I fucking hated my life and more importantly who I had to become to be successful at this job. I was gaining weight due to long hours and stress. My blood pressure was rising and I’d stopped sleeping. During the day I would do my job and at night I would attempt to completely alter my mindset and interact with a rapidly growing social media following. 


I’d stay up until one or two in the morning answering questions from around the globe. The majority of those questions required in depth answers and opinions. The fans of “Still Breathin” and my social media kept me anchored to my dreams. Despite feeling lost at sea with this Soul sucking, ethically challenged job, I was able to stay afloat in my small business.


Eventually it would become too much. The owner of the company was notorious for funneling money out of his clients accounts. He’d do so in a number of creative and highly illegal ways. I caught him. He had taken money out of a small account where the funds missing were obvious. When I confronted him about it there was an extremely awkward exchange. The following day I was “let go”. Not quite “fired” because they chose to pay me to leave. Literally, giving me nearly a months salary just to go away.





That was a year ago. I immersed myself into my life coaching and promotion of my book. Within days I began feeling healthier. I filled my fridge with healthy fruits and vegetables. I joined my old gym and put myself back into a routine. I would soon begin falling behind on my bills again but my Soul was reawakened. I felt authentic to be living my advice, daily.


This path has not been easy. I’ve still got the same burdens financially but do not have a set paycheck. There is nobody cutting me a check when I’m “short”. I wake up every single day and know that the only way any of my bills are getting paid is if I can manifest the cash flow.


It’s exhausting. However, this is a path that I CHOSE to travel down. I did not desire mediocrity. I did not desire average. I did not desire ordinary. I chose to pursue this life in the hopes that I could show my children and the rest of the world that it’s possible to do something of significance AFTER you’ve made a series of bad decisions. I wanted to show that the “loser” could win…and win big.


In the last year I’ve coached celebrities, corporate CEO’s, athletes etc… All, far more financially successful than myself and yet, they respected me. The experience of having those who by in large shape the world for the rest of us, seek me out and pay ME for advice was and still is, unbelievable. I take my coaching very seriously and very personal. I’m good at this aspect of my career because I genuinely care. I allow clients to affect me. Is this the smartest method for longevity and sanity? Probably not. However, I feel a duty and responsibility to those who entrust me with their most darkest secrets to give maximum effort.


Many of my readers ask the question daily, “when is the next book coming out?”  The answer is that I’m not sure. I’d love to sit and write the next book. I’ve got it already waiting inside of me. I’ve lived my dream for the most part the last year and a half and I also managed to fall in love. These are pivotal moments in my life as they’re the main pursuit in the first book. I want to teach you all what I’ve learned since “Still Breathin” came out.


The problem is that I’m still scrambling, clawing and fighting just to survive. This environment does not allow for a lot of creativity and more importantly, I realize I’ve set the bar pretty high for myself with “Still Breathin.” There is an expectation I’ve created for myself that will not allow me to simply publish “shit” for the sake of making a buck off of loyal readers.





This is why you guys don’t see me selling a million different “average” products. My principles and values have cost me financially the last eighteen months. I’m o.k with that. I can sleep at night. I know when I coach a client that I’m giving sincere advice that I follow. I cannot overstate the importance of authenticity when your main goal is helping people. You can’t touch or see authenticity or sincerity. You can however, hear it, feel it and recognize it. It’s subliminal and when humans experience it from another human it’s palpable. They KNOW that the person giving it, has their best intentions in mind. You cannot fake this experience.


Our goals and dreams are not linear. The path we travel to achieve them is fraught with twists and turns. Your happiness and peace of mind are a moving target, not some ultimate destination to achieve. I can’t in good conscience endorse or promote the path I’ve went down, to all of you. It’s not easy, it’s not quick and it’s definitely not conventional.


However, a small minority of you are already on this path in your respective field of interest. You’re already grinding daily, struggling mentally, emotionally, financially. To you I say this, I know you’re scared at times and doubt your own abilities. I know that your faith has been shaken to it’s core and I know that you’ve wondered if your dreams will ever come true.


I can’t give you assurance that it’s going to happen. I can’t tell you that your ultimate success is just around the corner. What I can tell you is that I commend you on walking a path that very few will ever know or understand. Your imprint perhaps will not be felt for generations. I don’t know your future but I know your present and there is honor in what you’re doing…so keep going.