Brenden Dilley was introduced to the world of “self-help” at the age of eleven by his mother, Lisa Kitter. At the age of thirteen, he was doing book reports on titles such as “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. He was raised in a typical middle-class family until his parents divorced when he was thirteen. His mother would later become a self-made millionaire as a speaker, author and corporate trainer. During this time Brenden worked, traveled, spoke and mentored by his mom’s side.

Upon graduating from high school, Brenden went on to become a highly successful personal trainer, receiving his certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. However, Brenden wasn’t content with simply parroting the teachings of others. He would eventually create his class and method of training called “The Psychology of Fitness.” Utilizing this unique form of self-development and body altering training, Brenden became known for transforming client’s bodies as well as their minds. It was widely known that if you committed to training with Brenden not only would you become healthier physically, but other facets of your life would improve as well.

Brenden is also a single parent to his three children: Sophia Rose, Jasmine Nai’a and Phoenix Alexander. Much of what Brenden writes, speaks about, teaches and trains on revolves around parenting, dating, relationships, self-empowerment, fitness and authenticity. His intensity, intelligence, directness and self-deprecating humor allow audiences and readers to relate to him on a very raw and authentic level.

Currently, Brenden resides in Phoenix, Arizona, and works in the world of commercial real estate development.